Discover local products near you

Support the local economy by purchasing goods from local artisans, makers, and retailers.  NEAR seeks to have the largest and most comprehensive list of DC-based businesses and products for you to find and purchase. 

Buy Local

Save Time

In this world-class City full of movers and shakers, time is one of your most valuable commodities. Save time by quickly and easily finding what you need and then have it delivered to you same day, next day, or pick it up in-store or curbside.



"Think forward.  Push progress."

~Andre Byers, Founder of New Era Ventures

When I conceived the New Era Assistance & Revenue (NEAR) site and app, my intent was to design them to be more than just a convenient way for you to purchase the things you need every day.  My team and I designed NEAR to also reduce barriers of entry for aspiring entrepreneurs and to equip existing businesses with eCommerce and delivery capabilities for the sake of remaining competitive.  In the end, we hope to improve the local economy by helping to drive sales and job growth while reducing everyone's carbon footprint with shorter shipping distances, reused delivery containers, and the use of electric cars.  

In short, NEAR is intended to be more than an eCommerce site built for consumer convenience.  Hopefully it also pushes social progress.

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Whether you arrived five days ago or you’re a fifth-generation Washingtonian, there is now something new in Washington, DC for you to try. Using geolocation, NEAR will provide you a list of local goods and businesses near you. You'll also be able to explore great local products from curated lists created by the NEAR team that lets you discover the newest and best products in the DC area.